The Amanco Sewer line has three series, with a complete portfolio to meet all projects. The Normal series is a conduction and storage system for sanitary sewage, rainwater and ventilation. It is used in building sanitary sewage installations, non-pressurized gravity flow and in system ventilation, with peak temperature class CT 45°C. Complies with NBR 5688 – Constructive system for rainwater, sanitary sewage and ventilation – PVC pipes and fittings, type DN – Requirements. Line manufactured in white PVC with stiffness class SN-1500 Pa.

The Reforzada series is also a conduction and storage system for sanitary, storm and vent wastewater. It is used in sewage installations considered terminal, such as down pipes, sub-collectors, dishwasher discharge branches and rainwater collectors in vertical works. It has unpressurized gravity flow and system venting, with peak temperature class CT 75°C.

The Amanco Silentium system is the first PVC solution designed to reduce the problem of noise in hydraulic installations, with a system of proven quality and performance, which allows professionals, installers and builders to meet the desirable noise requirements, adding an indispensable added value: the comfort of silence. 1.2 Mounting length. Both the total length (CT) and the assembly length (CM) of Amanco Pipes comply with the Brazilian standardization.

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