Polypropylene (PPR) pipes and accessories with thermofusion joint. Seal of quality in accordance with NTE INEN/ISO 15874-2 for conduction of hot and cold potable water under pressure in homes, residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Maximum safety and speed in the union. Tube diameters from 20mm to 110mm and a length of 6m.


  • Wide range of accessories.
  • It has adapters to make transitions from millimeters to inches.
  • Does not transmit odor or taste to drinking water or other fluids for human consumption.
  • Its low coefficient of friction with respect to other materials ensures greater driving ability.
  • It does not require additional elements such as Teflon, sealant, or any adhesive, minimizing the possibility of water leaks due to poor installations.
  • They resist greater pressure of hot or cold water.

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