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Wavin’s BIM libraries are designed to work in Revit. They can be used in version 2019 onwards.

The objects are 3D visualizations of our pipes and fittings, with one element in Revit terms being called a “Revit family”. The intelligence added to the package will automatically create the correct elbows and tees and can change the direction of a bend, the eccentricity of a fixing device, etc.

This tutorial shows you step by step how to import Plastigama libraries into a Revit project.

We recommend downloading our BIM Libraries Manual and then watching our video tutorials before downloading the Revit content.

A Wavin BIM Library is a digital file that contains the information needed to insert a certain product line into a BIM project when using the Revit program.

With a Wavin BIM library, you can insert a specific range of Prediales products into a BIM project.

Dynamo: Wavin’s Dynamo development contains the downloads and user manual for Wall Passes, Layout Auto Labels and Redesign scripts (Excel)

MEP Revit Plugin: You can access the installer for each version of Revit available from 2020, as well as the user manual

To download the MEP Revit Plugin you need to fill in a form with your details.

Wavin has integrated “smart support”, which helps you choose the right products to achieve a complete “as built” project as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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